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In the comparable plan from Wix you can only link 1 domain to your website for $25 per month 

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Builderall v. Other Platforms on the Market

​With BuilderAll you can build and link an unlimited amount of websites and domains, create unlimited subdomains, while having all of the digital marketing tools you need at your disposal

** Attention: This is a limited time offer**

Get the most complete internet marketing platform today
- with the best Cost v. Benefits on the market  - 

​Unlimited access to all of our features

Limited time offer

  • ​All developer rights included
  • Complete access to all tools, builders, creators, and resources
    ​(all updates to the platform are included in pricing)

The most complete solution for your business
One simplified payment plan

90  / Month

Perfect for Web Agencies, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Artists, and Digital Marketing Professionals

Need more?

Increase as your business grows

U$ 19.

Construtor de Sites HTML5

Contruct professional websites, Virtual Stores, Sales Pages, Lead Capture Pages, or any other type of internet marketing page with our incredibly intuitive sitebuilder.

With drag-and-drop technology (HTML5) and dozens of other integrated applications, we make it easy to build your ideal website.

Responsive Blog Builder

Construtor Responsivo

Developed mainly for simple blog creation, we made our responsive builder as fast and easy to manage as possible. The system is completely optimized for your blogs to reach the top results on major search engines, such as Google, organically! Great tool for creating responsive opt-ins and pages.

Professional E-mail Marketing

E-mail Marketing Profissional

Complete professional e-mail marketing system that allows you to create and automate the relationship between you, your new visitors, and current clients. Create autoresponder campaigns in a fast and simple way, manage leads using tags, and apply behavior triggers.

​*Send unlimited e-mails with your BuilderAll account.

 HTML5 (Drag & Drop)
​ Sitebuilder

The largest, and most complete internet marketing, automation, and builders platform in the world.

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Create, Automate, Sale, and Deliver much more...
The Most Complete, Fast and Easy Platform of Builders and Automation

Get all the builders you need in one place and take your business to the next level with

The Complete Platform of Builders and Automation

with unlimited possibilities, for you to create as much as you want in the way that you need!

All the power in your hands

Perfect for:

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Small business owners

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Internet marketing professionals

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Service providers

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Digital entrepreneurs

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Designers and agencies

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Coaches and leaders

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eBooks and info-product authors

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Professionals and MLM marketers

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Webinar speakers

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Product launches and events

The power of unlimited creation in your hands

The latest technology which provides the best experience in creating and generating your business on the internet.

Our work never stops!

Our team consists of more than 30 professionals whom constantly create new tools and think about innovative solutions to deliver to the platform daily.

Your best results are our immediate goals which is why we maintain contact with our users to listen and tend to their needs. Check our ROAD MAP​.

More than 1,000 professional templates for diverse business categories

Parallax Effect

Scroll Animation

Image hover effects

Group hover effects

Image Galleries

Vídeo backgrounds

Unlimited layouts for websites

Easy to duplicate pages

Intuitive builders

Create optimized versions of each type of device

Personalized font pattern

Hundreds of styles for your menus, buttons, and boxes

Social media plugins

External HTML code

Shopify Intergration

​Intelligent and personalized forms

Create Mockups with BuilderAll Design Studio

​Create pages inside Facebook

Create animated videos in minutes

Exclusive floating video tool

Multiple effects for page transitions

Icon, image, arrow, and gif galleries

​Integrated image editor and filters

"FADE OUT" effect for texts and elements on banners

Predefined element and form blocks

More Incredible Resources

Ready to edit Sales Funnel blue prints

Smart Optins for mobile devices

Two step optin with pop-ups

Optin with Facebook (login with Facebook)

Facebook app notifications

Integrated A/B test tool (split test)

Exclusive "Second Action" tool

Exclusive automatic page variation

Members area with multiple levels of access

Professional email marketing integrated with site builder 

Segmented lists by tags and behavior

Automated campaigns by tags

Create and send unlimited campaigns and emails

Unlimited autoresponder campaigns

Email performance reports

Various strategies for leads capture tool

Countdown and Evergreen timers

Timers and animations for scarcity

Payment gateway integration

Entrance pop-up, exit pop-up, and programmed pop-up

Action Score and Lead Score

Upsell in one click

Quizz system for leads capture
Drag and Drop email Builder

High performance hosting

Connect up to 3 personal domains

Create unlimited subdomains

Create email accounts with your own domain

Manage emails via web

Unlimited access and visitors (unlimited bandwidth)

Advanced SEO configuration in each of your pages

Configure the languages of 3rd party apps within your website

Unlimited Heat Map use

Unlimited browser notifications for leads capture

Unlimited animated videos editor and sales videos with complete developer rights

Unlimited floating video editor; compatible with any platform

Detailed SEO tool (on page report)

Transfer websites between platform users

Complete app creator for iOS and Android

Interaction presentation tool

Hundreds of tutorial videos​

Dozens of short classes and quick tips

Online and email customer supporter

"Road Map" system for prioritizing the development of new tools

Members area wih user management

App push notifications

Hosted on dedicated high performance, professional servers in softlayer data centers

Virtual hosting for images and videos for better website performance

Automated system and intelligent backup

Website cache system for time and loading optimization

Personal email distribution system which ships up to 10,000,000 emails per hour 

Personal email network servers with one of the best delivery taxes on the market

URL friendly system and SEO optimization for better indexing on search engines

Unlimited visits, access, and transference of data, including downloading archives for your website

​Dedicated team of programmers constantly developing new tools and updating features daily

Dedicated customer support and product management team

Affiliate system with great sales commission

User Forum with administarive mediation

Article research system

​In the comparable plan from LeadPages you pay around $79 per month to only create pages. There is no professional site builder nor a personalized email marketing system.
(you will need to purchase another service) 

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​With BuilderAll you have professional builders with much more features and all of the digital marketing tools, automation, and email marketing already included in your plan for only $19.90 per month

​In the comparable plan from ClickFunnels you pay more than $97 per month for a tool to create sales funnels. However, you must purchase another email marketing service and sitebuilder elsewhere.

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With BuilderAll you have all of the tools needed to create professional sales funnels, automate your marketing, send and manage email contacts, and develop websites for 10x less!

In the comparable plan from LeadLovers you pay more than R$487 per month (12x more) and you can only have up to 5,000 leads in your account. This system is focused only on digital products, plus you have a very limited page builder with only a few resources.

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​With BuilderAll you start with a 10,000 lead capacity for only $19.90 per month. You get all of the tools necessary for working with digital marketing, creating sales funnels, and creating professional websites with tons of features.

​To get 10,000 leads in Get Response you will pay around $165 per month and still need to acquire another tool to create your sales funnel or professional website. 

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With BuilderAll you start with 10,000 leads and can create fully automated sales funnels with our email marketing system, stunning professional websites, and blogs in an intuitive way for only $19.90 per month.

Wordpress is a complicated platform to work with and you must acquire a lot of knowledge in order to master your tools. In addition, to complete everything you want to do you need to purchase and install PLUGINS.

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​BuilderAll is a fully integrated platform; you do not need to purchase any plugins to have the technology you need running on your website. On top of that BuilderAll is so easy to use almost anyone can create amazing webpages in minutes.

The tool does a complete reading of your pages and bring all the details that need to be fixed to achieve the best organic search engine results. Easy to manage and intuitive, the SEO Tool is ideal for all entrepreneurs. It doesn't matter if you have any knowledge of optimization or if you are an expert!

No Worries!

​With Klickpages you pay R$197 per month and only get one tool to create very limited pages... that's all!       

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​WIth BuilderAll you have all of the tools you need to create complete websites, web pages for marketing, sales funnels, autoresponders, fully automated systems, videos, notifications, etc. for only $19.90 per month.

​With GPages you pay around R$1,000.00 for the annual plan (no mothly option) to get a responsive page builder that still comes with some limitations. You need to purchase several more tools in order to get results with your digital marketing system!

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​With BuilderAll you have all of the tools you need to create websites, web pages for marketing, sales funnels, autoresponders, full automation, videos, notifications, etc. for only $19.90 per month.

Get the most complete internet marketing platform today
- with the best Cost v. Benefits on the market  - 

​Unlimited access to all of our features

Limited time offer

  • ​All developer rights included
  • Complete access to all tools, builders, creators, and resources
    ​(all updates to the platform are included in pricing)

The most complete solution for your business
One simplified payment plan

90  / Month

Perfect for Web Agencies, Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Artists, and Digital Marketing Professionals

Need more?

Increase as your business grows

U$ 19.

** Attention: This is a limited time offer**

E-mail Builder

Construtor de E-mails

Quickly create high-converting, customizable emails using our responsive email builder with HTML5 drag-and-drop technology. Create templates and campains that shows your list members the value and quality of your product, service, or expertise.

Animated Videos Creator

Construtor de Videos Animados

Create unlimted animated videos and sales videos with our animation tool. Create your own characters and expressions or choose between the hundreds of exclusive characters available only on our platform.
Download and publish on your website, Youtube channel, Facebook, etc.

Floating Videos Creator

Surprise your visitors and gain authority by sending your message in an unique way with our exclusive floating video creator. With our technology, you can create a floating video for your website in minutes and without the help of professional equipment. .

Vídeos Flutuantes

Design Studio

Easily create incredible images, videos, and Facebook posts that grab attention and convert much better than the average Facebook post. Create your own eBook covers, info-products, and mockups with our exclusive design studio feature.

Design Studio - Mockups

Interactive Presentations

With the BuilderAll Presentation tool you can create professional presentations for the most diverse purposes. With our system you can download your work, create a custom URL, or integrate your demonstration with your website, creating an interactive way of communication with your visitors.

Apresentações Interativas

SEO Tool

Achieve nearly perfect SEO optimization on your pages! With our tool you get a report with all the information you need to make your page as perfect as possible and optimized to the standards of the main search engines; increasing your visibility results.

Ferramenta SEO

 Facebook Integration

Much more than a social medium, Facebook is also one of the best platforms for collecting leads and creating lists while building relationships with current and potential clients. To complete your internet marketing strategy, BuilderAll offers diverse capture, relationship, notification, and intelligent posts and apps, which directly integrate into fan pages.

Integração com Facebook

Social Proof

Social proof comments and evaluations are important factors toward improving your online authority and positioning of your website on “SERP”.
[Search Engine Results Page]

BuilderAll developed a tool to exchange reviews that generate original content and comments between your websites and its visitors.

Prova Social

Browser Notifications

This is one of the most efficient ways to create a relationship with your visitors, followers, and clients as an alternative for capturing leads. With the BuilderAll Browser Notifications tool you can quickly inform users of a possible event, promotion, etc. As long as they are online they will see your notifications!

Browser Notifications

E-learning Platform

Coming Soon: A complete tool (EAD) allowing you to create your own courses! Easily curate content and manage your student’s progress in an intuitive way. Ideal for info-producers, professors, researchers, and for the creation of training material for your employees and business partners.

Plataforma E-learning

Lead Capture Tools

Your marketing strategy will advance according to how sophisticated your tactics are. That’s why BuilderAll is always developing new tools for capturing leads. Currently, you can capture leads with Facebook login, email forms, quizzes, browser notifications, smart opt-ins, etc.

Captura de Leads

Leads Management

What’s more important than simply capturing leads? Monitoring and following the data-relationship of those leads in concern to your work. With BuilderAll you can evaluate and qualify your prospects while also segment your email campaigns with messages appropriated for each type of lead.

Gerenciamento de Leads
Create and optimize everything!
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Product Launches

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My Image

Sales Funnels

My Image

IOS/Android Applications

My Image

E-mail Marketing

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My Image

Professional Websites

My Image

Sales Videos

My Image

Generate leads

My Image

Capture Leads

Create and Automate Everything!

Perfect for any digital marketing strategy in any business niche.

Rather you need to build a professional website or completely automated sales funnel with hundreds of applications; with BuilderAll you have all the tools you need integrated into a single solution to do just that.

Here, YOU are the Artist!

You don't need to be a programmer.. You don't need to be a web designer.. You don't need to write code.. You don't need any experience!
With BuilderAll you can put a website online in minutes. Just edit one of our thousands of professional templates with your own information, content, and images! With our super-intuitive technology and hundreds of detailed tutorial videos, you can become an expert in internet marketing and making great websites with alluring applications for your business. 

Build professional websites, stores, sales pages, capture pages, or any other kind of page for with our up to date super-intuitive builder with drag & drop technology (HTML5).
- More than 1,000 professional templates ready to edit
- Special templates for sales funnels
- Unique tools designed to increase sales and capture leads (integrated with sitebuilder)
- Quick setup for mobile devices

The Best and Most Intuitive Website Builder Ever Developed

Drag and Drop Sitebuilder

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Seeing is Believing!

Chances are your clients are more interested in watching than reading! 80% of people who access a website prefer to watch in opposed to the roughly 20% that rather read. Videos increase conversion potential of your products and services because the information can be digested faster and it is the preferred format of most internet users. 

Increase your capture power through social networks. To invest in video marketing is to understand that your prospects are avaiable to interact with visual content through social networks. Videos facilitate the entry of new customers through there networks and are also easily shared! 

It is a fact that most people are interested in watching something..period.

Videos have the power to take content, make it interactive, and dramatically influence the decision-making process of your potential consumer. In addition, they can be presented in emails and easily shared. According to statistics, videos are the main drivers of online shopping. Videos bring organic results through Google and have a greater chance of making it to the first page search results.

If you are here it is becasue you know the importance of videos in your business life, and we have excellent news for you. THE BEST ANIMATED VIDEOS TOOL IS HERE WITH BUILDERALL.

  • Super-intuitive tool for you to create your own character(s) and story using our online gallery of characters and facial expressions!
  • Everything is recorded and stored in a "cloud" which you can access from your computer everywhere you go!
  • Imporrt videos, animations, narrations, and your favorite soundtracks to compose an attractive sales video
  • Export videos in HD (high definition) to YouTube or download onto your computer
  • Intuitive timeline with element grouping option
  • Galleries with hundreds of animations

Animated Videos Creator

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Browser Notifications, the Most Effective Way to Capture, Communicate and Build a Relationship with your LEADS.

No matter which website your potential customer is browsing, with the BuilderAll Browser Notification tool,  you will be able to send them a message, draw their attention, and direct that user to any link in seconds.
Imagine the positive effect a post, live Facebook stream, or quick promotion would receive if your entire list was being notified of them in real time. This is not only possible, but very easy to do with BuilderAll.

Browser Notifications

Design Studio / Mockup Editor

Everything you need to make presentable info-products without buying or suffering with other programs to create them.

The use of this tool is UNLIMITED and you can edit how many mockups you want to present on your projects or on social media.

Within minutes and without any experience you can create stunning and unique images with the BuilderAll Design Studio

  • Create Facebook Posts
  • Create eBook covers
  • Hundreds of ready-to-edit mockups
  • Create images with embeded videos

and much more....

Create Incredible Images with the BuilderAll Design Studio

My Image

Design Studio

Your E-mail with Your Identity

With BuilderAll its very easy to create a professional deaign for your e-mail, and you can do it all yourself in minutes!
We have dozens of template ready for you to use on your campaigns, with the conversion power you need.

Quickly create high-converting, and distinctivly designed e-mails using out responsive Modular HTML5 builder with drag & drop technology.
Make templates and construct campaigns that show to you list members the value and quality of your product or service.

Responsive E-mail Builder with Drag & Drop technology

Easy E-mail Builder

My Image

Extremely Simple!

We made the process is easy. Just edit your video, export it to your computer, and embed it into your website. Now you can present, in an interactive way, your call to action on your website and give information about your product and/or service to your audience in a way that sets you apart from the crowd.

Floating videos are very attractive and effectively present the information you want to give to your site visitors. It is a way to achieve a desired action and increase your conversion power!

Surprise your Visitors with Floating Videos

Not long ago you would have spent a fortune on a professional studio to produce a floating video. Fast-forward to today, BuilderAll has developed this exclusive tool which enables you to create one and place it virtually anywhere. All you need is a camera phone and a wall with a solid color!
The surprise effect that a floating video creates increases your user's site duration while holding their undivided attention.

Floating Video Creator

My Image
My Image
My Image

Converting Sales is the Goal!

Studies show that in 80% of cases, the visitor's eye is where the mouse passes and the main interest of the user is whee it clicks. With our HEAT MAP you have a graphical view of your fields, buttons, pictures, and texts that pull the most attention from your users. This tool can help you extend the commercial appeal and improve strategy toward your conversions in these particular areas on your blog or website.

Understand your Visitor and Incvrease your Conversions with our HEAT MAP

Only in the BuilderAll platform you have HEAT MAP tool integrated with your website or blog.
Track and see where your users click on your pages, understand which are the hottest areas of your layout, and position your purchase buttons or "call to action" strategically to increase conversions.

Heat Map Tool

Create Professional Applications for iOS and Android

With the Builderall App Creator, you can ensure that your presence is felt and offer services directly to your customer's cell phone. Product sales, table reservations, hotel booking, push notifications, image galleries, delivery service, etc. are among dozens of features made available to you. We also have tons of video tutorials for you to learn from. That way, you can bring your business to the hands of thousands of users.

My Image

keep your business present in the Apple and Google stores

My Image

IOS - Android App Builder

My Image

Make Your Website More Interactive with our Presentation Tool

Create great content and incite more interaction with your visitors by using our presentation tool.
Create unlimited slides and presentations, download to your computer, and display on your website, blog, or directly in your browser.

Presentation Builder

The Best for E-Mail Marketing Platform with Hundreds of Features

Professional email marketing with a 98% delivery rate, guaranteed, system fully integrated into the platform.

  • Start with 10,000 leads (scalable up to 1,000,000 leads)
  • Unlimited sending quota
  • Triggers and Tags
  • Lead qualification
  • Unlimited campaigns and lists
  • Drag and Drop email builder for quick editing
  • Single and Double opt-in options
  • Intelligent lists that responds to your clients and much more!

Professional E-Mail Marketing Platform

With our Facebook Apps You Can...

  • Create a sales page or opt-in directly inside of your Fan Page
  • Capture real leads and emails with opt-in via Facbebook button
  • Notify your list members with Facebook notifications
  • Generate a highly-targeted and specific relationship with your potential clients using our Facebook Leads Generator
  • Create and send "intelligent" video capture posts

Several ways to Integrate with Facebook!

Fact: Almost everyone you know accesses and/or "lives" inside of Facebook! Therefore, BuilderAll is always producing new tools and applications to integrate with Facebook so you can have the best technology and social application strategies to collect more leads and convert more sales at your touch.

Discover different ways to use Facebook to your advantage with unique tools from BuilderAll.

Really Cool Facebook Integration Apps

My Image

Build Responsive Blogs Optimized for Google

Our blog platform is built on three pillars which we consider critical to users who demand the best results:

1- Intuitive, simple, fast, and easy to upgrade tool
2- perfect optimization for search engines (Google)
3- Responsive layout system

Create unlimited blogs using over 50 professional templates available in your virtual office.

My Image

Responsive Blog Builder

Organic Results

Why would you have a website without organic results?
Our platform not only allows easy optimization of your keywords, but also teaches you to do it the right way. Our tool makes a complete reading of your keywords and shows the necessary corrections for your website to be among the first organic results in the search engines.

And that's not all! You will learn everything you should know by watching our sitebuilder video tutorials. There you will learn to create, manage, and optimize your websites to stand out in the crowd. 

​Reach optimization perfection! With our SEO reporting tool you have all of the information you need to perfect page's optimization and greatly improve your page rank and search results.

Your Website with the Perfect SEO for Google

Reach nearly perfect SEO optimization on all of your pages! With our SEO reporting tool, you have all of the information you need to make your page perfectly optimized according to the requirement of major search engines; greatly improving your page rank.

SEO On Page Report Tool

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Social Proof Builder

Now one of the most important factors for the new Google indexing algorithm! Build real and trusted social proof with our comment exchange tool.

Its very easy to use as well. Just comment on the websites of other BuilderAll users to receive comments on your website as well, thereby increasing its relevance and improving its results in search engines.

My Image

Capture more LEADS and Get More Customers... its simple!

Of course you want to have more customers and sell more... This is the internet marketing goal; but it all starts with leads capture.
The BuilderAll platform offers various forms and tools for you to capture more leads.

  • Opt-in pages, Smart opt-ins, Double Opt-in e-mails
  • Facebook Opt-ins
  • Browser notifications
  • Quizz System
  • Facebook Leads Generator

Capture Leads and Find New Customers

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